September 6, 2012
Library Construction Update
The interior of the new library building is tentatively expected to be ready for a temporary certificate of occupancy to be issued on December 18, 2012 that would allow the move of library materials into the building as well as the installation of furniture.   Exterior stone work along with landscaping will extend beyond January.  As of September 1, carpet has been installed on the lower level where the installation of compact shelving is now underway, to be followed by carpeting and compact shelving on the second and third floors.   Installation of the arch at the library entrance, made from American stone fabricated in Italy, is nearly complete.  As designed by Einhorn Yaffee Prescott, the building’s atrium will be an attractive space for leisure and work as well as a limited number of public events.  The two community assembly and meeting rooms at the front of the building as well as the seminar rooms are getting finishing touches.   Furniture selection is nearing completion and includes custom-made tables, chairs, and shelving for the Reference Reading Room as well as Ph.D. carrels.
The move into the new library will be staged in two phases.  The move from the Luce Library will be the first phase and is scheduled for completion by January 7, 2013.   As this first phase of the move is completed, the Luce Library will be closed for a six to nine-month limited renovation to include replacement of the HVAC unit in the building, replacement of some portions of the sprinkler system, and reconfiguration of some rooms.  Renovation of the Luce building will provide expanded space for the Media Lab, operations space for the Department of Information Technology, a training room, space for Digital Services, Global Services, and the Charles G. Reigner Christian Education Reading Room, along with a state-of-the-art visualization room and digitization space for the Internet Archive.
The move of offsite library materials into the new building is the second phase of activity and is scheduled for completion by January 31, 2013.
Every effort will be made during both of phases of the move to minimize disruptions to library service.
The Seminary’s library construction and improvement project is scheduled for completion by October 2013 when the new and improved library complex will be dedicated.
We have appreciated your patience and good will during this work.  We look forward to serving you and benefitting from your own productive use of these spaces.
Donald M. Vorp
Interim James Lenox Librarian


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