Graduation Announcement Request Form

As part of our work in the Communication and External Relations Office, it is our pleasure to release information and news about our students to newspapers, judicatories, churches, and academic institutions over the course of your years at the Seminary and especially at graduation. Please fill out the form below if you would like a graduation announcement sent on your behalf.


Name (Last, First, Middle, Initial):


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Year of expected graduation:


Degree program:


Current hometown (non-Seminary) mailing address:

Hometown newspaper 
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Other newspapers to which you may want releases sent 
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Colleges/universities from which you have received degrees 
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Presbytery or other judicatory (provide email address if known):


Home church (include full name, address, and email of church):


Plans following graduation (if known):


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Thank you! Please review the form before submitting it. Questions? Please contact the Office of Communications/Publications
  at 497.7760 or email [email protected].