Hispanic Theological Initiative.

Creating and Nurturing a Community of Latina and Latino Scholars.
Through the Combined Efforts of the Consortium Member Schools.
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    Financial Aid-Fellowships

    PhD students at Union Theological Seminary are awarded Graduate Fellowships that cover tuition and often include a stipend for living expenses. Additional stipends are provided for Teaching Assistantships outside of the terms of the initial graduate fellowship.

    Hispanic/Latino Faculty

    Daisy L. Machado
    Past HTI  Director (1997-1999)
    Professor of Church History
    Samuel Cruz
    Assistant Professor of Church and Society

    Library Resources-Special Collections

    Print collections of Latin American Studies and Latin American-Iberian Studies resources are distributed throughout various Columbia University libraries. Online access to manuscripts and journals is available through http://www.columbia.edu/cu/lweb/indiv/latam/index. html.

    Other Resources

    The Latin@ Caucus is committed to encouraging students, staff and faculty to critically examine Union's role in fostering Latino/a ministry; deepening the knowledge of Latina/o cultures among Latina/o students and the broader UTS Community; identifying opportunities for UTS students to learn from Hispanic ministry; providing an environment of fellowship through peer-to-peer academic mentoring and social support; fostering and maintaining alliances among groups from diverse cultural backgrounds in the collective struggle for social justice; promoting interdisciplinary approaches to the study of the Latina/o religio-spiritual experience; promoting ethnographic and community building projects related to the diverse Latino community of New York City.

    Former HTI Fellows/HTIC Scholars

    Teresa Delgado
    Assistant Professor of Religious Studies; Coordinator, Peace and Justice Studies ProgramIona College2001-2002 Dissertation Year Fellow
    Gabriel A. Salguero
    Director of the Hispanic Leadership ProgramPrinceton Theological Seminary2001-2002 Doctoral; 2002-2003 Doctoral Renewal; 2003-2004 Comprehensive Exams Year Fellow
    David Sánchez
    Assistant Professor of Theological StudiesLoyola Marymount University  
    Book Review Editor, Journal of the American Academy of Religion
    Vice-President, Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the United States1997-1998 Doctoral; 1998-1999 Doctoral Renewal; 2005-2006 Dissertation Year Fellow

    Contact Information

    The HTIC person to contact for information on Ph.D. studies at Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York is:

    Name:                  Dr. Daisy Machado
    Title:                    Professor of Church History
    Telephone:         212-280-1550
    Email:                  [email protected]