Hispanic Theological Initiative.

Creating and Nurturing a Community of Latina and Latino Scholars.
Through the Combined Efforts of the Consortium Member Schools.
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    Description of PhD Program

    The GTU offers both the PhD and the ThD degree. Both are advanced academic degrees intended to prepare students for professional careers in teaching, writing, and scholarship, as well as for leadership opportunities with religious organizations, social service agencies, foundations, museums, libraries, publishing, and in educational institutions.

    Students entering the PhD or ThD program at the GTU can choose their fields of study from among more than thirty concentrations grouped into four interdisciplinary departments: Sacred Texts & Their Interpretation, Historical & Cultural Studies of Religion, Theology & Ethics, and Religion & Practice.

    The doctoral curriculum builds on the ecumenical, interreligious, and interdisciplinary strengths of the GTU, and offers enhanced opportunities for both specialization and cross-disciplinary study. The GTU’s doctoral program utilizes the depth of faculty expertise made possible by its eight member schools and more than a dozen academic centers and affiliates.

    The academic disciplines represented by a diverse range of faculty, combined with multidenominational and interfaith cooperation, provide a rich environment for developing one’s academic voice. The GTU has the faculty and research resources to offer a distinctively interdisciplinary approach to scholarship within one’s specialized concentration.

    Tuition & Housing Costs

    Tuition $31,320 for first two years

    Continuing fee $9,000/year

    Housing $9,900 (single student, 9-month academic year)

    Tuition Assistance

    All students are eligible for Presidential Scholarships, which are merit-based and cover full tuition for two years. Others receive grant-in-aid awards up to 70% of tuition if there is demonstrated need.

    Financial Aid-Fellowships

    At least one Presidential Scholarship each year goes to a person of an underrepresented minority, and the Hearst Scholarship is also designated for enhancing the diversity of the GTU student body. Several Endowed Scholarships cover all or a portion of tuition, and Need-Based Aid.

    Hispanic/Latino Faculty

    Eduardo Fernández
    Professor of Pastoral Theology and Ministry
    1997-1998 Post Doctoral Fellow
    Interests include Missiology, U.S. Hispanic Theology and Ministry, Hispanic Religious Expressions, Celebration of Sacraments in Multicultural Contexts, Mexican History and history of the Southwest, Art, Spirituality and Inculturation

    Julián Andrés González
    Assistant Professor of Old Testament
    2010–2011 First-Year Doctoral Scholar
    2011–2012 Second-Year Doctoral Scholar
    2012–2013 Comprehensive Exam-Year Scholar
    2013–2015 Dissertation-Year Scholar
    Interests include Hebrew Bible in Relation to its Imperial Contexts, Postcolonial Hermeneutics, and Diaspora and Migration Studies and the Bible

    Alicia Vargas
    Associate Professor of Multicultural and Contextual Studies
    Interests include Mujerista Christology, Pauline inclusivity vis-à-vis Lutheran theology and mission

    Marga Vega
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy
    Interests include Metaphor, Aristole, Philosophy of Mind, Theories of Art, Social Philosophy

    Hispanic Centers and Programs

    Women's Studies in Religion Program (WSR) sustains, promotes, and advances the study of women in theology and religion in full recognition of race, sexual and gender orientation, ethnicity, class, culture, nationality and religious orientation. WSR offers a Women's Studies in Religion Certificate for graduate students at GTU and its member schools.

    Neighboring Institutions or Programs

    The GTU has cross-registration and cooperative library agreements with the University of California, Berkeley, which is located just a block away.

    Yearly Events

    GTU Distinguished Faculty Lecture

    Reading of the Sacred Texts Lecture

    Surjit Singh Lecture on Comparative Religious Thought and Culture

    Library Resources-Special Collections

    The Flora Lamson Hewlett Library provides electronic access to Clase Periodica, an Index of Latin American Journals in the sciences and humanities.

    HTI Fellows/Scholars

    Salvador Alcantara
    Chaplain Resident II
    Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
    2004-2005 Doctoral
    2005-2006 Comprehensive Exams Year
    2007-2008 Dissertation Year Fellow

    Jorge A. Aquino
    Associate Professor of Theology and Religious Studies
    University of San Francisco
    2002-2003 Doctoral
    2003-2004 Comprehensive Exams Year
    2005-2006 Dissertation Year Fellow

    Wendy Arce
    2006-2007 Doctoral
    2007-2008 Doctoral Renewal
    2008-2009 Comprehensive Exams Year Fellow
    2011-2012 Dissertation

    Diana Patricia Avila (deceased)
    2000-2001 Doctoral Fellow

    José Balcells
    2009-2010 First-Year Doctoral
    2010-2011 Second-Year Doctoral
    2011-2012 Comprehensive Exams Year
    2014-2015 Dissertation

    Rebecca Berru Davis
    Louisville Institute Postdoctoral Fellow
    Saint John’s University and School of Theology, Collegeville, MN
    2007-2008 Doctoral Fellow
    2008-2009 Comprehensive Exams Year
    2010-2011 Dissertation Year Fellow

    Frederick Dalton
    Religious Studies Department Chair
    Bellarmine College Preparatory
    1997-1998 Dissertation Year Fellow

    Joseph De León
    Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Sociology
    Central Pennsylvania College
    2001-2002 Doctoral
    2002-2003 Doctoral Renewal
    2003-2004 Comprehensive Exams Year Fellow

    Anita de Luna (deceased)
    Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
    Our Lady of the Lake University
    1999-2000 Dissertation Year Fellow

    Eduardo Fernandez
    Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Ministry
    Graduate Theological Union
    1997-1998 Post Doctoral Fellow

    Cecilia Gonzalez-Andrieu
    Associate Professor of Theological Studies
    Loyola Marymount University
    2003-2004 Doctoral
    2004-2005 Comprehensive Exams Year
    2006-2007 Dissertation Year Fellow

    Michelle Gonzalez Maldonado
    Professor of Religious Studies
    University of Miami
    1998-1999 Doctoral
    1999-2000 Comprehensive Exams Year Fellow

    Lauren Frances Guerra
    2011-2012 First-Year Doctoral Scholar
    2012-2013 Second-Year Doctoral Scholar
    2013-2014 Comprehensive Exams Year
    2015-2016 Dissertation Scholar

    Kenneth Johnson-Mondragón
    Director of Research and Publications
    Instituto Fé y Vida
    2000-2001 Doctoral Fellow

    Contact Information

    The HTI person to contact for information on Ph.D. studies at Graduate Theological Union is:

    Name:            Kathleen Kook
    Title:               Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
    Telephone:      510.649.2464


    Updated March 2016