Hispanic Theological Initiative.

Creating and Nurturing a Community of Latina and Latino Scholars.
Through the Combined Efforts of the Consortium Member Schools.
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    Hispanic Theological Initiative Annual Brochure



    2013 Brochure Cover

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    the 2013-14 HTI Annual Brochure



    In the first HTI brochure (1997–1998) the former executive director, Dr. Justo L. González, wrote, “We are certain that as the years go by we shall have ever more reason to be proud of them [HTI fellows]. We invite those who receive copies of this program to follow their careers, as we shall, in the certainty that God will use them for much good.” In the same brochure, then program director Dr. Daisy L. Machado shared, “We have come to learn, to grow, to sharpen our skills, to support one another, and to sow the seeds of what will one day become a strong and fruitful community of Latina and Latino scholars. This gathering [Summer Workshop 2007] is the sign of the new things to come.” Both Justo and Daisy were applying the verse in Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” We are grateful for their creative intellect, commitment, and faithfulness. Today, seventeen years later, with great pleasure we share the 2013–2014 HTI/HTIC brochure showcasing 48 HTI master’s graduates, 91 HTI/HTIC Ph.D. scholars, and the more than 676 institutions they are influencing or have influenced across the United States and the world.

    En conjunto” (in conjunction with one another), we have developed what former director Dr. Zaida Maldonado Pérez described in her director’s letter in the 2000–2001 brochure, “a community of Latina/o scholars who will both help our communities think through theologies from their particular contexts and circumstances, and also contribute to the academy in a variety of important ways.” Because of their many contributions, HTI/HTIC scholars are intricately woven into the fabric of theological and religious education in this nation. Their contributions are visible on the cover of this publication and within its pages. The HTI/HTIC brochure showcases how an organized, “en conjunto,” holistic, funded initiative has helped prepare individuals to serve in diverse contexts. Through the HTI/HTIC model, theologians, scholars, and diverse institutions thrive.

    Now more than ever, the collaborative workings that were achieved and maintained through the HTI need to continue and also be advanced by the Hispanic Theological Initiative Consortium. If 91 scholars are impacting so many academic and religious institutions as well as nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies across the United States and the world, just imagine what a consortium of Ph.D.-granting institutions CAN do! The HTIC has grown by 35 percent in only five years, and in 2012 three member schools were added: University of Chicago Divinity School, Andrews University, and Harvard Divinity School. Additionally, in 2012 we received a $400,000 grant from the Henry Luce Foundation to support post-comprehensive examination HTIC scholars for the next four years.

    In April 2013, we welcomed our twenty-fourth member, Boston University! Our new partnering institutions, Michael Gilligan, Luce’s president, and Lynn Szwaja, Luce’s program director for theology, are excited about our current progress and are looking forward to what we will continue to create as HTIC.

    The year is off to an exceptional start, so please take time with this brochure, so that you can see all of the amazing ways in which HTI/HTIC scholars are serving in the academy and the church. If you visit any of our member schools be sure to stop in and share a special “thank you” for their commitment to this important work!

    Live blessed!

    The Reverend Joanne Rodríguez  




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