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Creating and Nurturing a Community of Latina and Latino Scholars.
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    Hispanic Theological Initiative Annual Brochure


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    2015-2016 Annul Brochure


    The first time leaders from seventeen institutions granting PhD degrees in theological and religious education met to

    break ground and establish the Hispanic Theological Initiative Consortium (HTIC) was November 2007 at the American Academy of Religion (AAR) annual meeting. Eight years later, HTIC has grown to represent 28 PhD-granting institutions, with its newest member being Oblate School of Theology. 

    As institutional leaders gathered at AAR, November 2014, an important decision needed to be made to approve a new financial structure and increase the enrollment of HTIC Scholars. The consortium asked the most critical question—Would HTIC close its doors or keep them open?

    Prior to the actual vote, Dr. John Markey, associate professor and director of PhD Program in Spirituality at Oblate School of Theology, commended Princeton Theological Seminary for their critical financial support over the years and also shared that HTIC is a benchmark model to emulate for all PhD students. Those gathered also heard from Dr. Thomas Shepherd, professor of New Testament and director of PhD program in Religion and ThD program at Andrews University, who said, “Andrews has been a member for a couple of years; we are thrilled and enthusiastic about HTIC, because the value provided via mentoring, networking, and editing is priceless.”

    The vote was taken and the decision to continue support for HTIC was unanimous! The Consortium member schools once again confirmed their commitment to build a unique collaborative enterprise to increase the recruitment, retention, and graduation rates of Latin@ PhD students, and to increase the presence of Latin@ faculty and leaders for the church and the world. It has been extremely gratifying to work with the presidents, deans, and faculty of our member institutions throughout these past eight years, and especially this year during our 2015–2016 enrollment process. The fall semester showed an early enrollment of 12 post-comprehensive students for the HTIC/Luce Fellowship in December, and before our first enrollment deadline of April 25 we had 34 HTIC Scholars enrolled from 22 member institutions. On May 1, our final deadline, the total enrollment was 37 HTIC Scholars for the 2015–2016 academic year. These are unprecedented numbers for HTIC and a testimony to what we are able to accomplish together.

    HTIC’s reaffirmed commitment also had a ripple effect on graduation numbers. For the first time in HTIC history, we had nine HTIC Scholars graduate in one year, four of them defending their dissertation in the same week, with seven already employed in tenure-track positions! We are thrilled and excited for these newly-minted PhDs who will continue to make important contributions in theological and religious education.

    This brochure is titled, En Conjunto, which in English means, “altogether,” and is a term that was used by a group of Latin@ theologians, ethicists, sociologists of religion, pastors, teachers, and students that gathered on the grounds of Princeton Theological Seminary in June 1995. They used En Conjunto to describe the distinctive way in which Latin@ theology happens in a collaborative way, and that resulted in the publication of Teología en Conjunto, in 1997 by Westminster John Knox Press, Louisville, Kentucky and written by ten Protestant scholars. The En Conjunto model that they emulated as they wrote this book is one that continues to infuse how [email protected] do theological and religious reflection and education.

    What Teología en Conjunto identified as two fundamental aspects to Hispanic/Latin@ theology—rich diversity and a collaborative spirit—is a huge gift to the larger landscape of education. This collaboration is not just about being kind and/or tolerant of each other, no, the En Conjunto model is about the integration and intimacy involved in such a sharing. Twenty years later, this is the model we have sought to uphold and it is the model many HTI/HTIC graduates and HTIC’s 28 member institutions are emulating in order to make valuable contributions in the larger landscape of education. Doing things En Conjunto is the key element that makes our work exciting, enriching, and exhilarating because the possibilities are endless! So do not wait a second longer to peruse this brochure to meet the newest cohort of HTIC Scholars and learn more about our HTIC member schools and the many great things that are happening in communities across this nation and abroad.

    To learn even more about what we do, we invite you to visit our web site, www.htiprogram.org, subscribe to our free online newsletter, Journeys, and “LIKE” us on Facebook!


    The Reverend Joanne Rodríguez  




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