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Financial Aid

Need-based Aid Programs

Princeton Theological Seminary Grant: This grant is awarded to full-time students in the MDiv, MACEF, MA(TS) and dual-degree programs. Eligible PCUSA students will receive Princeton Seminary grant aid to cover 100% of their evaluated need up to the cost of full tuition, plus $250. Eligible students who are not members of a PCUSA church may receive 90% of the cost of tuition based on their calculated need. 

Thomas W. Gillespie Grant: This Princeton Seminary grant program is designed to provide up to $4,000 in additional aid to students currently owing $20,000 or more in student loan debt. This program is designed to help students who help themselves and requires recipients to work and to raise funding from outside sources in order to reduce their dependency on student loans. The Gillespie grant is only available to MDiv, MACEF, MA(TS) and dual-degree students. 

Princeton Seminary Presbyterian Loan Program: Princeton Seminary offers eligible PCUSA students a low-interest loan, which has the potential to be forgiven if the recipient serves in an ordained ministry position in the Presbyterian Church (USA) after graduating. Eligible students may receive up to $4,000 per academic year through this loan program. See the Student Financial Aid Handbook for further details on eligibility criteria.

Merit-based Aid Programs

Although the vast majority of the ad we offer is need-based, we do offer merit-based scholarship aid to those students who have demonstrated outstanding academic excellence as well as a commitment to leadership within the life of the Church. About 10% of entering MDiv, dual-degree, and MA(TS) candidates are offered one of the merit-based scholarships listed below. Applicants are considered for merit-based fellowships after the completion of an admissions interview and a short scholarship application. (Please note: figures below reflect awards for students beginning their programs during the 2017-18 academic year). 

Presbyterian Leadership Award: This award, covering the student’s full tuition plus $4,000, will be offered to a limited number of prospective students (up to 12 per year) who have demonstrated a high level of academic achievement and leadership in the Presbyterian Church (USA). 

Seminary Fellowship: This scholarship, offered to a limited number of new admits (up to 14 per year) covers the student’s full tuition plus $1,500 during the academic year and is awarded to prospective students on the basis of outstanding achievement and demonstrated commitment to the life of the church.

Presidential Scholarship: This is the highest merit-based award offered to MDiv, MA(TS), and MDiv/MACEF candidates. Presidential Scholarship awardees will be selected from among our Seminary Fellowship and Presbyterian Leadership Award recipients, and the value of the scholarship will augment the total amount awarded. The amount of money associated with the award varies and is dependent on the availability of Seminary resources and the total number of applicants considered for this ward, but is currently set at $8,000. The committee will consider those applicants who demonstrate the highest levels of leadership and scholarship for this award. The Presidential Scholarship is renewable based on the maintenance of satisfactory academic progress and full-time enrollment, as well as participation on the life of the Princeton Seminary community. 

International Scholars Program

A limited number of scholarships are given annually to select ThM, MA(TS) and MACEF international students with advanced standing. 

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