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Princeton Theological Seminary is pleased to be a key contributor to the monumental, interdisciplinary biblical research project, the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (EBR), published by Walter de Gruyter. Dr. Choon-Leong Seow and Dr. Dale C. Allison Jr., members of the Seminary’s Biblical Studies Department faculty, are two of the project’s five main editors, Seow for the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament section and Allison for the New Testament section. Seow also serves as general editor, and Dr. Dennis Olson is as area editor for the Pentateuch. Dr. Christine Roy Yoder, a Princeton Seminary Ph.D. graduate and now on the faculty of Columbia Theological Seminary, is the area editor for Wisdom and the Psalms.

Other members of the Princeton Seminary faculty, including Dr. Gordon Mikoski, Dr. George Parsenios, Dr. Paul Rorem, Dr. Kenneth Appold, Dr. Chip Dobbs-Allsopp, Dr. James Deming, and Dr. Richard Fox Young, are part of the international team of scholars who have contributed articles to the publication. 

EBR CoverThe EBR is first of all a Bible dictionary, examining the people, places, and events of the Bible, as well as the historical, political, social, and religious contexts out of which biblical material originated and developed; key theological themes and issues that arise within the text; and the literary forms within which the biblical message is couched. But uniquely among similar encyclopedias, it examines the history of biblical interpretation, the reception of the biblical message as it has evolved within both the Christian and Jewish communities, and also within Islam. The topics treated are also explored as they are used in literature, the visual arts, film, dance, and music.

Dr. Katharine Doob Sakenfeld, editor of the NIDB, past president of the Society of Biblical Literature, and professor emerita of Old Testament at Princeton Seminary, says that the EBR is "an essential resource for any scholar who wants to trace the origins and development of the Bible and biblical motifs, and their cultural impact throughout history. The EBR focuses on the countless and diverse theological and cultural contexts in which the Bible has been received and interpreted."

The EBR is projected to be a thirty-volume work published over ten years (2009-2018). It will be published both in print and online. 2013 saw the publication of volumes 6 and 7, and volume 8 is due out by December.

The EBR, volume 3, was awarded the CHOICE Award for Outstanding Academic Title in 2010. CHOICE is a publication of current reviews for academic libraries.