This page will present stories of Princeton Seminary students and alumni/ae whose lives and ministries are unique or newsworthy. To send us an idea of students or alums to profile, please contact the Communications/Publications Office with a description of the student or alum and why you think we should include their story.

Samuel Reeves, Class of 1997 and Class of 2002

TIm Dalrymple, Class of 2002

Jim McCloskey
, Class of 1984   

Merideth Mueller, Class of 2004

Mike Barbera, Class of 1972 

Jonathan Walton, Classes of 2002 and 2006, Deborah Blanks, Class of 1990, and Luke Powery, Class of 1999 

Bethany Hoang, Class of 2004

Gary Sallquist, Class of 1993

Olivia Stewart Robertson, Class of 2008

Megan LeCluyse, Class of 2012

Kabanga Bomasi, Class of 2014

Greg Finch, Class of 1997

Mansour Khajehpour, Class of 2008

Thomas E. Fisher, Class of 1958

Ben Daniel, Class of 1993

Matthew Rhodes, Class of 2011, community leader of L’Arche of New Jersey   

William Rambo, Class of 1936  

Victor Peters, Class of 1927  

Bill Stanfield, Class of 2000, and Evelyn Oliveira, Class of 2001 

Manoj Shrestha, Class of 2001 and current Ph.D. candidate

Emmanuel Bourjolly, Class of 2006, prison chaplain
Jing Wei, Class of 2009, serving the church in China
Mark Elsdon, Class of 2004, and Erica Liu, Class of 2005
Cindy Schwartz, Class of 2009, associate pastor
Ryan Timpte, Master of Divinity/Master of Arts, 2010
Matthew Nickel, Class of 2009, associate pastor
Craig Rubano, Class of 2011, award-winning Broadway and cabaret performer
Grant Brooke, Class of 2010, executive director of the Matthew 25 Network
Candace Whitman, Class of 2010, award-winning children’s book illustrator and author 

Brian McCollum, Class of 2010, professional step dancer 
Princeton Women Seminarians Visit the Church in Guatemala

Derrick Chambers, Class of 2009, former NFL football player