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SCID Designation of Work Groups
Latin @ Concerns Black Concerns Women in Church & Ministry LGBTQQ1 Asian, Pacific Islander, Asian American
Luke Powery
Michael Livio
Charles Kalmbach
Ariana M. Newton
Amy Molina
Jerria Martin
Joshua Newton
Noris Marchand- Juan
Cleo LaRue
Chester Polk
Ruth-Aimee Belonni-Rosario
Teddy Reeves
Brenda Bertrand
Ashley Brown
Dawan Buie
Debbie Davis
Cathy C. Davis
Jennie Lee Rodriguez
Krista Forbes
Emily Morgan
Anna Gillette
Brenna Dykman
Bob Dykstra
Sandy Maley
David Wall
Sarah Messner
Chad Schwickerath
Ryan Appleby
Emily Morgan
Bo Karen Lee
Suzanne Lu
Matt Spina
John Park
Henry S. Kuo
Sera Chung
Ron Chicken
The At-Large student members from the various student organizations are assigned to different workgroups not necessarily correlating to the student organizations from which they represent. The rationale behind this action is to enhance our intercultural experiences as we all gain a greater understanding and appreciation as to the particular needs of the various constituents.
SIU Logo
“As an academic community which integrates the pursuit of the life of the mind with the leadership and analytical skills needed by our graduates to make their own critical and constructive contributions as pastors, professionals, scholars and engaged citizens, Princeton Theological Seminary broadly defines diversity to include race, gender, national origin, ethnicity, religion, social class, age, sexual orientation, theological and ideological, and physical and learning ability. The Seminary is committed to embracing diversity.”

Seminary Council on Institutional Diversity (SCID)

A representative body of the Seminary community is committed to a culture that fosters awareness and inclusiveness where community members are empowered and committed to an inclusive agenda. SCID will create, collaborate with and support the development of innovative ideas and effective strategies to recruit and retain diverse students, staff, and faculty.

Living Together
Living Together
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