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The L.I.V.E. Symposium

Register for the L.I.V.E. Symposium here. Registration dates: October 2 – 5, 2016 & March 26 – 29, 2017.

L.I.V.E. Symposium Program/Itinerary

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The commitment to inclusion by Princeton Theological Seminary is reflected not in a specific project but in all activities of the institution. The Seminary has a strong stated commitment to diversity and to the importance of responding “to Christ’s call for the unity of the church,” as it “embraces in its life and work a rich racial and ethnic diversity and the breadth of communions represented in the worldwide church.”

One of our initiatives is entitled: “The L.I.V.E. (Learning, Inclusion, Vitality, Exploration) Symposium (“Symposium”). This Symposium will be geared toward identifying thirty ministerial candidates from underrepresented domestic population groups from a wide spectrum of sources and intentionally inviting them to the Seminary campus for a 2 ½ day vocational exploration gathering. See L.I.V.E. Symposium program. See L.I.V.E. Symposium Facilitators.

A Word from the Director of Multicultural Relations A Word from the Director of Multicultural Relations

Grasping God’s Call to Ministry Grasping God’s Call to Ministry

Authenticity and Reciprocity Authenticity and Reciprocity

A Step in Faith A Step in Faith

Goals of the Symposium:

  • Participants from underrepresented groups will gain a greater awareness as to the opportunities afforded here at Princeton.
  • Participants will be exposed to the diversity of resources available at PTS and in the area as they pursue the adventure of discerning their call.
  • Princeton will cultivate a broader applicant pool in its admissions and enrollment process.

Prospective participants who will be college seniors, juniors and possible second-career students will receive:

  • Presentations on campus life from a diverse cross-section of Seminary students, faculty and administrators
  • Presentations on responding to a call in a multicultural and pluralistic society by a faculty member(s)
  • Panel discussions on vocational discernment that will include alumnae/i, faculty and students
  • Attending classes and meeting professors
  • Visiting an alumnae/i in the area for exposure to practical experiences

We welcome your registration and possible participation in this viable and important vocational discernment effort. For more information please communicate with us through email.

Seminary Council on Institutional Diversity (SCID)

A representative body of the Seminary community is committed to a culture that fosters awareness and inclusiveness where community members are empowered and committed to an inclusive agenda. SCID will create, collaborate with and support the development of innovative ideas and effective strategies to recruit and retain diverse students, staff, and faculty.

Living Together
Living Together
Aloyo Intro Husten Video Image Grasping God’s Call to Ministry Video Image Authenticity and Reciprocity Video Image A Step in Faith Video Image