(A Pooled Income Fund)

Established in 1975, the Princeton Seminary Fund offers individuals the opportunity to make a gift to our institution and receive income from it as long as they live. The Princeton Seminary Fund is a pooled income fund, which is the charitable counterpart of a mutual fund. The gifts of donors are pooled and invested by the Seminary. At the end of each quarter of the calendar year, the income earned by the fund is divided and paid to the donors or other beneficiaries in proportion to their share of the fund. All income is variable according to the fortunes of the market and is taxable at ordinary rates. Upon the death of the beneficiary or beneficiaries, the proportional amount in the fund represented by that gift is removed and becomes the property of the Seminary.

Benefits to donors include:

  • an income tax charitable deduction in the year of the gift, with carryover privileges for up to five additional years
  • the avoidance of capital gain tax when the gift is funded with appreciated securities held longer than one year
  • freedom from investment and management responsibilities
  • estate tax savings
  • an invitation to become a member of the Legacy Society


Seminary policy requires that all donors and beneficiaries be at least sixty years of age. A gift of ten thousand dollars or more is required. Tax-free securities may not be used to fund a gift to the Princeton Seminary Fund. For more detailed information about the Princeton Seminary Fund or any other life income plan offered by the Seminary, please contact the Director of Planned Giving, Lisa Titus.