Following graduation from Dartmouth University in 2001, Daniel “Stu” Stulac decided to stay at the college to work in campus ministry. As a recent graduate, he was able to relate to the students and they were, likewise, more receptive to him. Primarily, his role focused on one-on-one conversations, studying scripture with fellow students, and creating a holistic Christian community.  daniel stulac

After Stulac’s three years in campus ministry, he and his wife, Sarah Messner, spent time working with the Dartmouth Organic Farm and then traveled to Rwinkwavu, Rwanda, with Partners in Health. While there, they worked as codirectors of agricultural development. They built an agricultural school and created an agricultural assistance program for local subsistence farmers who were struggling with HIV and malnutrition.

Although Stulac was uncertain where his journey to Rwanda would lead him, he knew he would eventually attend seminary. Prior to leaving for Rwanda, Stulac applied to several seminaries. “Being raised as a Protestant in a small mid-western town, I felt PTS was the best match to support me in studying scripture and rediscovering the Bible readings that shaped me as a Christian,” said Stulac.

Stulac credits his time at PTS with giving him the tools to accomplish one of his future goals—reforming the way clergy and congregants encounter scripture in order to encourage conversation and bring the stories to life. “I want to become a professor and educate studying pastors about new ways to teach and read the Bible,” he said. “My goal is to teach people to enjoy the Bible as a three-dimensional story by considering the culture, history, sociology, and political context of scripture texts. I am particularly interested in studying Genesis, especially the family sagas of Abraham and Jacob.”

In May 2011, Stulac finished his middler year; Messner finished her junior year. As a couple, Stulac and Messner are passionate about ministry and enjoy working together and also exploring their individual passions. Stulac enjoys Bible study while Messner is focused on the intersection of theology, mental health, and pastoral care.

Following his graduation from PTS in 2012 with a M.Div., Stulac hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in Old Testament narratives and literary approaches to the Bible. “Ultimately, I want to help others think globally about the Christian church and learn to encounter scripture in a deeper, more meaningful way,” said Stulac.