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inSpire - Fall 2006


A Treasure Field to Be Explored and Exploited *.pdf

riverapagan A review of PTS’s Latin American bibliographical collection.


by Luis N. Rivera-Pagán




  Buried Treasure: Found and Restored  *.pdf

 Piano PTS celebrates the restoration of a grand piano dedicated to a Taiwanese theologian.


 by Heather Roote Faller 




Lights Go Down, but Legacies Last *.pdf

retirementJack Stewart and Peter Paris retire from the Seminary faculty.


by Barbara A. Chaapel




The Good, the True, and the Beautiful *.pdf

art The Luce Chair fosters dialogue between theology and art.


by Gordon Graham




Interdisciplinary, Interactive, and Interfaith *.pdf

coned PTS’s Center of Continuing Education is taking some new directions.


by Heather Roote Faller




The Church Gathered *.pdf

ga Members of the PTS community reflect on the PCUSA’s 217th General Assembly.


by Will Shurley, Stacy Johnson, Katharine Doob Sakenfeld, and Allison Krahling Seed