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Summer/Fall 1999
Volume 4 Number 2

Into All the World

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Yet through the gates of its seminary pass men and women from all parts of the world -- international students and church leaders who come to study with their American counterparts. They bring with them the richness of their cultures, their languages, and their indigenous churches.

But many American students also leave Princeton Seminary to "go into all the world."  Whether they go to study, to preach, to tour, to serve, or even to make a home, they both takeearth2c..jpg (50013 bytes) the good news of the Gospel, and they find it, alive and vibrant, in the nations they visit.

This issue of inSpire features some of the individual students, alumni/ae, and faculty who have had unique and life-changing experiences in places as diverse as Albania, India, Kenya, Scotland, Japan, Russia, Israel and Puerto Rico.

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bluediam (287 bytes) Into All the World
bluediam (287 bytes) A Gathering of Barthians
bluediam (287 bytes) A Time to Break Down and a Time to Build Up
bluediam (287 bytes) Grace and Peace to the Presbyterian Church (USA)
bluediam (287 bytes) Close Encounters of an Indian Kind
bluediam (287 bytes) Illumining Israel
bluediam (287 bytes) A Scottish Suite
bluediam (287 bytes) Give Us This Day
bluediam (287 bytes) Ministry As Minority in Japan
bluediam (287 bytes) In Russia, with Love
bluediam (287 bytes)

Leaving No "Tel" Unturned


bluediam (287 bytes) On the Shelves
bluediam (287 bytes) outStanding in the Field
bluediam (287 bytes) Class Notes
bluediam (287 bytes) End Things

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