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Key to Abbreviations:
Upper-case letters designate degrees earned at PTS:

M.Div. B D.Min. P
M.R.E. E Th.D. D
M.A. E Ph.D. D
Th.M. M
Special undergraduate student U
Special graduate student G

When an alumnus/a did not receive a degree, a lower-case letter corresponding to those above designates the course of study.

1925 Edward J. Masselink (B, ’26M), at ninety-eight years of age, writes that he is "alert, retired, and still indebted to Princeton Seminary."

1935 Richard M. Hadden (B) will release, later this year, a CD of piano duets with his wife titled "Lu Shan" (Cambria Records #CD-1047). This is their second CD, the follow-up to the earlier "Adventures in Music-Making."

Glenn D. Puder (B) is still practicing ministry in the Napa Valley in California, and has been invited to speak at the two hundredth anniversary of the Presbyterian Foundation in October. Puder has kept active in more than ministry, though: recent trips have taken him to Alaska, the Canadian Rockies, and Lewis & Clark country in the Pacific Northwest.

1936 George Borthwick (b) is pastor emeritus of the First United Presbyterian Church of Troy, New York, where he has served since 1948.

1938 Bryant M. Kirkland (B) has married and moved to Virginia, following a scholar-in-residence stint at the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York, New York, in late 1998.

Bob Rayburn (B) retired on December 31, 1998, from twenty years of visiting senior citizens in and around Charlotte, North Carolina, first as associate pastor at Plaza Presbyterian Church and, more recently, for the First Presbyterian Church of Charlotte.

1939 T. Murdock Hale (B) has been retired now for twenty-two years. With his wife of fifty-nine years, he oversees their 280-acre tree farm in Washington, Vermont.

1940 Albert H. Manus (M) writes that he is "enjoying retirement after sixty-two years of ministry."

1941 Paul R. Graham (B) has been retired from ministry now for ten years, although that doesn’t stop him from regular preaching, occasional interim work, and daily "thanks for the fun of being alive."

W. Dayton Roberts (B) has coauthored two books with the Latin American Mission, Uncharted Waters and Like a Mighty Army.

David Dean Robinson (B), at eighty-four, is battling Alzheimer’s Disease every day. Though his days at the desk are over, he still takes walks, gardens, and is "a people person."

Kenneth C. Stewart (B) is now in the Health Center at Cornwall Manor in Cornwall, Pennsylvania, in need of professional nursing care.

1942 Donald B. Bailey (M) writes, "My wife and I have good health — I was eighty-six years old in April 1999. I’m shooting for 100!"

Ced Jabbard (D) writes that he is "enjoying life in Milwaukee with periodic trips to see children and grandchildren… and memorable experiences on short-term missions to Novosibirsk, Siberia, in 1992 and 1995."

1943 John R. Bodo (M, ’52D) reports that his latest book, Prophet on the Payroll: When Pulpit and Pew Clash, was published by Ragged Edge Press.

Donald R. Fletcher (B) retired this August from his pastorate at Rossmoor Community Church, twelve miles from Princeton. It is now fifty-six years since his ordination by Elizabeth Presbytery.

George Wolfgang Forell (B) is retired from his post as the Carver Distinguished Professor of Religion at the University of Iowa and has been named emeritus.

Bruce A. Kurrle (B) is retired from ministry, but still does some supply preaching and adult education.

1944 Thomas S. Goslin II (B) has published his autobiography, Out to Pastor, with Hope Publishing House.

Richard B. Hardy (B) has moved into a retirement community as of January 1, 1999. He writes that "since retirement I have supplied pulpits in more than thirty churches in Vermont and New Hampshire, of all denominations."

1945 After retiring thirteen years ago, Jack H. Prichard (B) is still active in ministry, having taken on seven separate interim positions. He is now serving as consultant for parish life at Faith Presbyterian Church in Sun City, Arizona.

Robert Remington (B) is retired and living in Monte Vista Grove in Pasadena, California.

John R. Rodman (B) writes that he is now serving on Louisville Presbytery’s Committee on New Church Development. He has also continued his sermon contributions to The Minister’s Manual, published by Jossey Bass.

Paul D. Votaw (M) writes, "our son, Paul Votaw Jr. (’85B), pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and his wife, Marcia, were recent visitors in Taiwan, to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Ta-an Presbyterian Church in Taipei. The Taipei church is a sister church to the Sioux Falls church, a relationship of about twenty years. Four others of Sioux Falls church traveled with the Votaws as delegates."

Wilson H. Yost (B) has just completed his eighth year as chaplain at Royal Oaks Life Care Center in Sun City, Arizona.

1946 H. August Kuehl (B) writes, "I continue my work with Quest for Excellence giving seminars on Management of Self and Leadership of Others."

Charles E. Olewine (B) serves as pastor of Parkland Presbyterian Church in Parkland, Pennsylvania. He writes, "I am very thankful for my wonderful days at the Seminary and for the excellent training there."

Harry P. Phillips Jr. (B) is living in the Charlestown Community in Baltimore, Maryland, where he says that "some ten clergy (including four Presbyterians) and a dozen or so Presbyterian elders are among the residents."

Robert Stuart Vogt (B) writes, "I continue to ‘fill in’ as asked in several small, but delightful, churches in Northern California. I enjoyed being an ‘interim’ in several churches after retiring in 1987."

1948 Dallas D. Landrum (B) writes, "I continue serving as stated supply pastor of Lakewood Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, Maryland."

Martin E. Lehmann (D) has published A Biographical Study of Ingwer Ludwig Nommensen (1834-1918): Pioneer Missionary to the Bataks of Sumatra with The Edwin Mellen Press of Lewiston, New York.

Melvin L. Schaper (M) is serving as first assistant general superintendent of the Bible Holiness Church. He also served as a Bible study teacher at several camp meetings during the summer.

class_1949.jpg (40367 bytes)1949 Leroy Nixon (M) is semi-retired, tackling chaplaincy duties in Flushing House, a United Presbyterian and Reformed retirement community in Flushing, New York. He writes that he is "still publishing books on John Calvin and the Reformed Faith."

Members of the Class of 1949 (see photo), the 50th reunion class gathered at the Alumni/ae gathering in May.

1950 Virginia Carle Haaland (E) writes that, "into its eighth year, Sitka, Alaska, yet remains my abiding place of choice and pleasure." Despite her ties there, a recent visit to Norway brought blessing and joy as it renewed family ties with her eldest son and five grandchildren.

Peter R. McKenzie (B) reports from Leicester, England, that he is "still in contact with John Marks (’49B) and Jack Purdy (’50B) after all these years. My last book, Hail Orisha! (Brill), on West African religion, has met with a positive echo so far."

Jean B. Turner (e) has retired from her career as a church organist and choir director.

1951 Elizabeth B. Burgess (E) has just moved into Monte Vista Grove Homes in Pasadena, California, where she was met by neighbors Don and Lea Hawthorne (’51B and ’51E, respectively).

John R. Chandler (B), with his wife, Haroldine, was a keynote speaker at the kickoff of the "Mission on Our Doorstep" program sponsored by Los Ranchos Presbytery.

Adelaide G. Folensbee (B) planned to move to Berryville, Virginia, this summer to be nearer to her daughter.

Genevieve K. Jacobs (E) has moved to a retirement community in Carlsbad, California, where she volunteers by teaching programs on "Writing Your Memoirs" and tole painting.

1952 William C. Howell (B) writes that he is "retired from most everything, except the local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity, where I serve several committees: Family Selection, Speakers Bureau, Church Coalition, and VISTA advisor."

Andrew E. Newcomer (M) recently flew to Washington, D.C., to baptize his first great-grandson, Ian Wilson Estavao.

Alfred D. Sunderwirth (B, ’63M) has been taking his expertise around the globe. He recently gave a four-week course in biblical studies at the Ecumenical Seminary in Vitoria, Brazil.

Thomas R. Teply (B) is working, even in retirement. He recently had a book published titled The Spirit of Scripture.

1953 Gordon D. Johnson (B) wrote to inform inSpire of the passing of his wife, Rita, on January 23 of this year. She was an alum of Westminster Choir College; they had been married for more than forty-six years.

Richard J. Oman (B) retired from his position as the Howard Scharfe Professor of Homiletics and dean of faculty/vice president for academic affairs at Pittsburgh Seminary at the end of this past academic year. But all is not quiet — he and his wife plan to move to Alaska to enjoy retirement.

1954 James E. Latham (B) writes that he is "retired — Gone Golfing"!

1955 Dorothea Nill Bowers (e) has also been something of a globe-trotter. She recently returned to Malawi to conduct a workshop on early childhood at Chancellor College.

Arlo D. Duba (B, ’60D) has retired and moved, with his wife, Doreen, to Hot Springs, Arkansas, though life remains busy: Arlo leads worship for the Presbyterian Women of the Synod of the Sun, leads worship seminars and plans worship for the presbyteries of Mission, Grace, Southern Kansas, and Pines, as well as Arkansas itself. He is also planning the worship for the Montreat Worship and Music Conference in 2000. Along with these responsibilities and others, he published an article, "True Confession," in the June 1999 issue of Reformed Worship. Recently he took a preaching trip to Cozumel, Mexico, where he preached Holy Week and Easter services at El Mesias Iglesia Presbiteriana in Cozumel.

On a lighter note, Duba and his wife consider themselves "master gardeners": along with serving as a guide volunteer at the Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs, Duba is thrilled that his yard was chosen "Yard of the Month" for the month of June ’98, a yard for which he and his wife did all of the design and implementation themselves.

James R. Memmott (B, ’57M) reports that he is working as a partner in a financial services firm, and has recently moved back to New Jersey.

David Steele (B) has completed his latest book, titled The Next Voice You Hear: Sermons We Preach Together, available from Geneva Press.

1957 Horace T. Allen Jr. (b) took a semester off this spring from his post as professor of worship at Boston University’s School of Theology. He instead taught several courses in the Department of Religious Studies at Peking University, including "The History of Christian Worship and Ritual" and "Modern Christian Theology in the West from the Protestant Reformation to the Present." This is not the first time that Allen has made this journey, though; he spoke at the convocation for the university’s Department of Religious Studies in 1996.

J. Lawrence Driskill (M) recently published a new book with the Rev. Tom Grubbs, titled Kingship in the Bible and Japan’s Emperor System.

Richard A. Hasler (B) published a recent article, "David Zeisberger’s ‘Jersey Connection,’" in the Moravian Historical Society’s Transactions.

J. Richard Hershberger (B) retired in March after having served for thirty years as associate pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Kirk A. Hudson (B) has spent the past decade of his post as parish associate at the First Presbyterian Church of Utica in Utica, New York, working on a community center to feed the homeless. He has chronicled his journey, and the journey of the center itself, in a recently published book, Hope for the Hungry: A Modern Day Miracle. He writes, "This was begun in 1992 and we now feed more than 300 people a day in a renovated funeral home — it is also a hospitality house, where people may come in, have a donut, play cards, etc. The book is not only history but also a how-to book."

1958 Margaret E. Howland (B), though recently retired from her pastorate, has been named pastor emeritus of South Presbyterian Church in Yonkers, New York. She also continues as a nursing home chaplain for the Yonkers Council of Churches.

While serving as chair of the History and Political Science Department at LaGrange College in LaGrange, Georgia, Fred Mills (M) has contributed fifteen articles to the recently published twenty-four-volume American National Biography, published by Oxford University Press. Mills’s contributions include pieces on Richard Allen, Samuel Cooper, Frederick Bohn Fisher, Beverly Waugh, and former PTS president James Iley McCord. The compilation was sponsored by the American Council of Learned Societies.

1959 Raymond E. Judd Jr. (B) retired from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, on May 31. He was made chaplain emeritus, the first in Trinity’s 130 years.

Roger Murray Kunkel (B) writes, "After serving twenty years as pastor of Riverside Presbyterian Church in Riverside, Illinois, I accepted a position at the First Presbyterian Church in Sarasota, Florida, as interim associate pastor. When I left Riverside, the Chamber of Commerce and Lions Club honored me as ‘Man of the Year.’"

1960 Robert W. Finertie (B), with wife, Leslie, and six-year-old twins Holly and Heather, now lives in the East Bay Area of San Francisco.

C. Thomas Hilton (B) retired in June after serving the Amelia Plantation Chapel, an interdenominational church on Amelia Island in Florida, for five years. Writes Hilton, "I plan to write and preach."

William Klassen (D) writes, "My wife and I taught a summer course at Hebrew University for the University of Toronto… [and we] have been invited to Cambridge University for the fall."

Griffith C. Matthews (B) recently took thirty-two hours of conflict resolution training.

Daniel McCall (M) retired on January 1, 1998, from thirty-six years of ordained ministry, his most recent post being as head of staff of Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church in Augusta, Georgia. He now serves as "theologian-in-residence" at Peachtree Presbyterian Church in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Ronald B. Rice (B) reports, "I am now spending 4-5 months a year at the University of Jos, Nigeria, with the International Institute for Christian Studies, developing teachers’ manuals for the 15,000 Christian religious knowledge teachers in the public secondary schools of Nigeria. When at home in Seattle, I continue writing and collecting material for the next 450-page manual (eventually there will be six manuals, 7th to 12th grade)." Rice also serves part time on the staff of West Side Presbyterian Church, his home church.

Bruce W. H. Urich (B) reports that he is enjoying the good life in Orlando, Florida, with four jobs! For ten years he has been the stated supply of St. John’s Presbyterian Church of Orlando (PCUSA). For seven years he has been the dean of the College of Biblical Studies and professor of homiletics and pastoral care at Florida Theological Seminary. For five years he has tested food handlers for the State of Florida through a contract with the University of South Florida, and, for the past year, he has been working as a part-time paralegal in his son’s law office. Whew!

Lyle Vanderwerff (M) has retired as professor of mission and theology at Northwestern College, but is now assisting with Programs for International Students, in which twenty nations are represented.

Duncan Watson (B) retired as a minister in the Uniting Church in Geelong City Parish in Australia in 1997. His wife, Tertia le Roux Watson (’59U) retired that year as well from her job as a social worker.

1962 Brian Armstrong (M, ’67D) has retired after thirty-one years of teaching and administration at Georgia State University. He was recently elected president of the International Congress for Calvin Research.

Roger L. Dunnavan (B) is now pastor of Union Presbyterian Church in Carney’s Point, New Jersey.

Henry J. Hopper (B) retired at the beginning of 1998 after twenty-seven-and-a-half years with the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole, but continues to do supply preaching as parish associate at Jersey Shore Presbyterian Church in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania. He also does morning "meditation-awareness" workshops at the county jail twice a week.

1963 Robert A. Coleman (B) has accepted a call as interim pastor and head of staff at Central Presbyterian Church in Summit, New Jersey.

Thomas E. Duggan (M, ’77P) retired on Easter Sunday from his post at the International Church of Bangkok. He and his wife, Gail, plan to reside in Claremont, California.

Desmond V. R. Harvey (M) reports from England, "I am the officiating chaplain to the nearby Royal Air Force station."

John Richard Powers (B) is doing God’s work on the softball field: last summer he batted an even .600 for the Seminary slow-pitch team, but injured his knee sliding into second in the last game of the season.

1964 Akira Demura (D) continues his work as vice president in academic affairs at Tohoku Gakuin University in Sendai, Japan, where he also teaches graduate courses on the Swiss Reformation. Though the drop in younger population in Japan has increased the administrative burden for him at the university, he still finds time to contribute papers to various academic journals, and to make use of his Club Med membership with his wife, Kazuko.

Peter Rhea Jones (M) just published Studying the Parables of Jesus with Smyth and Helwys.

Rosemary Sundeen (E) is an ESL instructor at Long Beach City College. Her husband, Richard Sundeen (’65B), is a professor at the University of Southern California in the School of Policy, Planning, and Development.

1965 Nancy Chapman Burcher (e), with her husband, Allan West Burcher Jr., is working with Christian Therapy and Compassion to the Elderly and the Terminally Ill in the Tallahassee, Florida, region.

S. Philip Froiland (M) was elected to the Alumni Board of St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota.

John A. Gilmore (M) is now associate executive presbyter and stated clerk of New Castle Presbytery.

James S. Welch (B) was recently awarded a Doctor of Christian Science degree by Geneva College.

1966 Elizabeth Glenn Biggers (E) writes that she is "jumping the last hurdle toward completing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. I am working with accused child abusers and have a private practice as a psychotherapist in Asheville, North Carolina."

groff.jpg (19823 bytes)Fredrika Simpson Groff (E) and Kent Groff (’67B) (see photo) entered Princeton Seminary in the fall of 1964. They met Manapurathu Verghese Abraham (’65M) from India, who was in the Th.M. program. Freddy and Abraham were in Dr. Beker’s course on Paul. The theological language and concepts were challenging to Freddy, so most days after class Abraham would translate what was said in simpler terms as they walked from the library to the campus center. The American woman was very grateful for the help of the Indian man — a kind of reverse hospitality.

The Groffs and Abraham have corresponded every Christmas since then and met each other thirty-four years later at Abraham’s home in Kottayam, Kerela, India. Abraham is retired (although very active) as president of the Mar Thoma Seminary in Kottayam.

 Barbara E. Nelson (E) has moved back home to Westfield, New Jersey, to look after her father, but meanwhile continues writing projects: a history of music performed at Riverside Church and a daily devotional of meditations based on the lectionary readings.

Paul Ritter (M) has followed his 1998 retirement with an interim pastorate at Carversville Christian Church, UCC, in Carversville, Pennsylvania.

1967 Jocelyn Konigsmark (B) has been running Konigsmark Books in Wayne, Pennsylvania, for the past twenty years. Konigsmark Books is an antiquarian, out-of-print book service, whose business in mostly academic and scholarly works has been transformed mostly onto the Internet. She invites anyone traveling in the Philadelphia area to look her up!

Gordon Williams (B) is now serving as a full-time evangelist, holding renewal events, seminars, evangelistic services, and church services for all denominations.

John L. Zehnder (B, ’67E) is a parish associate at St. Johns of Western Los Angeles and sits on the Committee on Ministry for the Presbytery of the Pacific. He was recently interviewed as an artisan and instrument repairman by Playboy Magazine of Japan.

1968 Frank Kinney (E, ’70B) and his wife, Bobbie Kinney (’70B), are the copastors of the First Presbyterian Church in Casper, Wyoming. They can be reached at [email protected]   (Frank) or at [email protected]   (Bobbie).

Bruce J. Langford (B, ’82P) writes that he has "happily moved from Chicago to the Maine coast to be about 1500 miles closer to his three children, while serving as pastor of the twelve-year-old Mid-Coast Presbyterian Church of Topsham. The congregation is prophetically inclusive, vitally mission-oriented, and convincingly worth its increasing weight in body life. Send letters, since there are only ten Presbyterian churches in the whole state!"

Robert McGruther (B) was installed as pastor and head of staff of The First Presbyterian Church at Caldwell, New Jersey, in April, a congregation in which he had been designated pastor since 1995. Prior to coming to Caldwell, he was pastor of St. Charles Presbyterian in St. Charles, Mississippi.

Laird J. Stuart (B, ’81P) was recently the keynote speaker for Presbyterian Heritage Sunday at Wyoming Presbyterian Church in the Presbytery of Newark, New Jersey, the presbytery that ordained him to ministry. His address was titled "Our Hope for the Future: What Kind of Church Do We Leave for the Next Generation?" Stuart is also the new moderator of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians.

Margaret Gray Towne (E) was appointed to the J. Omar Good Distinguished Visiting Professorship of Evangelical Christianity at Juniata College.

1969 Donald G. Campbell (E) was selected as the new director of the Congregational Ministries Division of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and confirmed to that position at the annual meeting of the General Assembly in June in Fort Worth. He comes to this position after having served as executive presbyter of Donegal Presbytery.

Robert L. Muse (B, ’71M) writes that he is "doing church consulting, evangelism, lay leadership, adult Christian education, and Bible study." He is working as an academic assessment counselor and primary instructor at Eastern College in suburban Philadelphia.

Arthur D. Webster (B) writes, "On January 10, I was installed as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest, Illinois, after seventeen years as pastor of Webster Groves Presbyterian Church in Webster Groves, Missouri."

1970 Robert L. Hart (B) became rector of All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Pontiac, Michigan, in January of this year.

James Richard Lahman (M) writes that he "received the D.Min. degree from United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities in May of 1998." His thesis was titled "A Theology of Christian Prayer: Based upon the Psalms of Lament and the Psalms of Praise." He continues his stalemate with multiple sclerosis and requires the assistance of a gentleman’s "walking stick."

John C. Mellis (M) was appointed in July 1998 to a three-year term as teaching pastor at the Vancouver School of Theology. He is responsible for courses in homiletics and societal dimensions of ministry and mission.

1971 James E. Forsythe (M) has completed thirty years of ordained ministry as of June 1999, twenty-eight of those as a prison chaplain in New York State.

Jon D. Freeberg (B) is working as director of network development for Desert Regional Medical Center and John F. Kennedy Hospital in Palm Springs, California.

Donald P. McNeill (D), director of the Center for Social Concerns at Notre Dame University, recently attended the Universal Notre Dame Celebration, an annual event hosted by the University of Notre Dame Alumni Club of Staten Island. He concelebrated mass at the ceremony, along with the club’s chaplain.

Alan Stones (B) serves the St. John’s Presbyterian Church of West Los Angeles as head of staff.

1972 James L. Resseguie (B) recently published Revelation Unsealed: A Narrative Critical Approach to John’s Apocalypse as a part of Brill’s Interpretation Series He is currently the J. Russell Bucher Professor of New Testament at Winebrenner Theological Seminary in Findlay, Ohio.

Lev Sherman (b) is the vicar of a growing parish in rural Maine, and advisor to the state library on technology, educational media, and distance-learning.

Paul Theophilus (M), while director of the ABS Centre of Canada, taught a course in May at Winnipeg Chinese Alliance Church titled "Reading Old Testament: Boring or Exciting?," in which he examined the necessity of Old Testament interpretation and wrestled with some of the more troubling themes that arise from it.

Jack R. Van Ens (B, ’74M, ’84P) is pastor of the Presbyterian Parish at the Vail and Beaver Creek Chapels in Arvada, Colorado, where his congregation just added a three million dollar Ministry Center behind the Vail Interfaith Chapel. He writes that "it houses clergy studies, music rooms, a counseling center, and a Thrift Shoppe for ministries of compassion."

1973 Larry E. Dixon (B) received his D.Min. degree from Drew University Theological School in May 1997. His project: The Pastoral Role of the Presiding Elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Craig Dykstra (B) recently published a new book, Growing in the Life of Faith: Education and Christian Practices, with Geneva Press.

Dale Tremper (B) reports, "I just completed my D.Min. at Perkins in evangelism. I am focused on becoming a congregational consultant."

Yoshiaki Yui (M) has recently overseen the construction of a new church building and parsonage for his church, Nagatsuta Christ Church in Yokohama, Japan. He and his family moved into the new parsonage at the end of December 1998.

1974 John Gibbons (M) has been recently appointed as the pastor of St. Pius X Roman Catholic Parish in Forked River, New Jersey.

Robert Hughes (M) has stepped down from the presidency of The Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in order to return to the classroom in the fall of 1999. Hughes closes out a ten-year tenure.

Zacharias Mar Theophilus (M) will be a member of the World Council of Churches Central Committee from 1999 onwards.

1975 R. Scott Burkley (B) reports that New Covenant Church in Middletown, Delaware, was organized on June 21, 1998, and he was installed as pastor on that date.

Clifford C. Cain (B), dean of the chapel and a member of the Philosophy and Religion Department at Franklin College in Franklin, Indiana, was recently awarded tenure.

Steve Janssen (B) reports, "We are now in Marietta, Georgia, in the Presbytery of Cherokee. As of March 8, 1999, I assumed the position of head of staff and pastor of this flock of 600+ souls."

Arthur B. Schute (M) became the director of pastoral care at Bon Secours-St. Joseph Health Care Group, Inc., in Port Charlotte, Florida, in May of this year.

Donald E. Stroud (B, ’79M) was called by a coalition of five Baltimore Presbyterian churches as a part of a program to make the city’s congregations more open to gay and lesbian people. Stroud is minister of outreach and reconciliation for That All May Freely Serve: Baltimore. He was installed into this position in June.

1976 Patricia S. Medley (B) left her pulpit at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Willingboro, New Jersey, to become the senior pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Freehold, New Jersey. She had been working at Willingboro since 1984.

1977 Alan Baroody (B) is serving as pastor of Jekyll Presbyterian Community Church on Jekyll Island, Georgia.

Kenneth R. Bickel (B) is senior minister at the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Dubuque, Iowa, as well as teacher of UCC Polity at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary. He is an adjunct professor of ministry there.

John D. Gibbs (B) is studying in the field of medical ethics at Georgetown University. Meanwhile, he continues as director of chaplaincy services at St. Mary’s/Duluth Clinic Health System in Duluth, Minnesota.

Robert R. Kopp (B) will publish three books in the next two years: Golf in the Real Kingdom, Don’t Forget This!, and God’s Top Ten List.

William H. Yeager (B) is beginning his tenth year of campus ministry to the University of Florida, through the University UMC.

1978 Bill Galvin (B) was among three Presbyterians, along with fifty other individuals, arrested during a May 3 protest in Washington against the so-called "School of the Americas" (SOA), an Army center in Fort Benning, Georgia, that many accuse of breeding terrorists to Central and South America. A federal judge has dismissed the charges against all individuals involved.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) officially called for the closing of the SOA as early as 1994. It was the first religious denomination to do so.

Jeffrey G. Guild (B) received the first Doctor of Ministry degree ever awarded by the Oblate School of Theology. He writes, "I am, indeed, proud of this accomplishment, and that an Air Force chaplain was the first graduate of this prestigous degree program."

1979 Richard E. Carter (b) reports that his photographic report, "Lutheran Churches in Russia," compiled during a recent sabbatical, has been on display at Concordia University and at several area congregations in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Sharon L. Mook (B) recently joined the faculty of Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia, as assistant professor of pastoral care and theology. She leaves a position as pastoral counselor at the Westminster Counseling Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1980 Heather Lynn Jordan Khan (B) has resigned from the ministry of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Now, she volunteers for a children’s hospice, studies yoga, writes poetry, raises two children, and prays for world peace and tolerance.

Pam Reed (B) recently completed a four-month sabbatical in which she learned about and toured various intentional Christian communities in North America. She writes, "I especially enjoyed my visits with the Shalom Mission communities, who are Mennonite in background."

Prentice E. Whitlock (E) is professor emeritus at New Jersey City University in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Stephen B. Woodruff (b) is a fifth grade teacher at Peru Central School in Peru, New York.

1981 Hoyt A. Byrum (B) writes, "I am now the executive pastor for Suntree United Methodist Church in Melbourne, Florida."

Langdon Hubbard (B) is interim pastor at the First Presbyterian Church in Niagara Falls, New York. His wife, Janet Hubbard (’90B), is pastor of Central Park United Methodist Church in Buffalo, New York, and a counselor with Catholic Charities.

Edwin Gray Hurley (B) writes, "I recently began a term on the board of directors for the Presbyterian Child Welfare Agency Buckhorn Children’s Home."

Doug Nettleton (B) continues to serve St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Billings, Montana — a church that celebrated its 30th anniversary in 1998.

Judy Westerhoff (B) writes, "I have moved from my sheep/horse farm in the Adirondack Park to the village of Clinton, New York. The sheep have been sold. My Morgan horses have become a part of a new equestrian program at Vanderkamp, a Presbyterian/Lutheran year-round camp in Cleveland, New York…. I will continue as a minister-at-large member of Utica Presbytery. "This winter I attended several continuing education events on the East coast. By far the best event was the WICAM conference held at PTS. Sharing the journey with women pastors from Cuba was a never-to-be-forgotten, inspiring experience. The new continuing education rooms were a delight. My new home is twenty minutes from the Utica exit of the New York State Thruway. Whether or not you are going to be in the area I would enjoy hearing from you at my email address: [email protected]"

1982 Matthew Blanzy (B) is now a software engineer at Lockheed Martin, working on an "FBI Automated Fingerprint System." He is also a parish associate at Winter Park Presbyterian Church in Winter Park, Florida.

David Campbell (B) received a D.Min. from Columbia Theological Seminary in May 1999.

Karen A. Haak (B) writes "I will be interim at LaPorte, Indiana, Presbyterian Church as of July 1."

David Lee Jones (D) recently achieved Fellow level status in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. This, along with his February engagement, upcoming October marriage, and his Th.D. in pastoral counseling from Candler School of Theology at Emory in May, ought to have made 1999 quite a year!

James H. Logan (B), the pastor of South Tryon Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, was the 1999 Baccalaureate speaker at Peace College in Raleigh.

1983 Julio Filomeno (B) is counseling part time with Rhode Island Youth Guidance.

fitchue.jpg (18847 bytes)Leah Gaskin Fitchue (B) has been appointed executive vice president of academic services/academic dean at the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) in Atlanta (see photo). She will be the first woman to serve as academic dean at ITC.

 Steven E. Jelensperger (B) is solo pastor at the Presbyterian Church of Kane, Pennsylvania.

J. Nelson Kraybill (B) has just published a new book, On the Pilgrim’s Way: Conversations on Christian Discipleship during a Twelve-Day Walk across England, with Herald Press.

Kenneth Lundgren (B) is serving as associate pastor in charge of administration and youth at Kingston Christian Church in Kingston, Washington. Last year the church launched a new youth ministry with emphasis on worship, the Word, and prayer. Ken, his wife, KayLynn, and three children reside in nearby Poulsbo, Washington.

1984 Fred R. Archer Jr. (M) has retired from active duty in the U.S. Navy and is now pastor of Coleman Place Presbyterian Church in Norfolk, Virginia.

Wesley Avram (B), along with Professor Katherine Amato-von Hemert of the University of Kentucky, received a team teaching grant from the Louisville Institute to "develop parallel courses to be taught in Lexington and Wilmette on ‘Wealth and Poverty in Christian Tradition: Resources for Congregational Leadership.’"

Brant D. Baker (B) is moving back west to become pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Mesa, Arizona. He is also finishing his D.Min. at Columbia Theological Seminary in Christian spirituality.

Karen B. Helmeke (B) graduated in December 1998 from Purdue University with a Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy. Her husband, Gary, graduated with the same degree in May.

Kenneth J. Hockenberry (B) continues to serve as copastor of Beulah Presbyterian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife, Judith Hartung Hockenberry (’86B). They both serve as adjunct faculty members at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Ken also serves as stated clerk of Louisville Presbytery.

Philip N. Olson (B) has been appointed vice president for church relations and director of Network 9:35 for Evangelicals for Social Action (ESA). ESA is a ministry designed specifically for those in poverty or on the fringes of society. Network 9:35 refers to Matthew 9:35: "Then Jesus went through all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness."

Angela Palacious (B, ’85M) was ordained on May 11 of this year. She is the first ordained woman in the Anglican Church in the Bahamas. She also mentions that her devotional tape, "Entering God’s Presence," is available from AFP Bookshelf for $8 plus shipping & handling.

1985 Stephen M. Berry (B), who lives in Sherwood Forest, Maryland, reports that he is "out of ordained ministry and loving it. I attend the local Presbyterian church and spend time boating, swimming, fishing, and crabbing on the Severn River. Love it!!"

Stephen D. Hay (B) is beginning his fourth year as senior pastor of Sandbridge Community Chapel United Methodist Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He serves as secretary for the district ministers association and enjoys mentoring candidates for ordination. He can be reached at [email protected] .

Susan de Puy Kershaw (M) writes, "I have accepted a new position as the western area minister of the American Baptist Churches of Vermont and New Hampshire."

Iain Stewart Maclean (M) reports that he has coedited two new books, God, Meaning, and Morality with Harcourt Brace, and Encyclopedia of Religion in American Politics with Oryx Press. He can be reached at [email protected]

1986 Beverly Bartlett (B), who left the ministry several years ago to pursue a career as a professional actress, has landed the role of her dreams as Alma in Tennessee Williams’s Summer and Smoke at the Revolving Door Studios at Central Presbyterian Church in Summit, New Jersey.

Mary Newbern-Williams (E, ’88B) spoke at graduation for Mary Holmes College in Westpoint, Mississippi, in May and was there awarded a Doctor of Humane Letters degree.

Mark D. Norbeck (B, ’96M) writes, "I was married to Mary Magdaleno on August 21, 1998. I am currently enrolled in a Th.D. program at General Theological Seminary in New York City."

John Pearce Ward (B) recently received his D.Min. from Bethel Theological Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, in the first graduating class from the new program in marriage and family studies. He is now the associate pastor of discipleship at Faith Presbyterian Church in Minnetonka, Minnesota, and is accessible at [email protected] .

1987 B. Keith Brewer (M) was a teaching assistant in the Religion Department of Princeton University for the spring semester 1999. He is also a Ph.D. candidate in New Testament at Drew University, chaplain of the Wesley Foundation at Princeton, and adjunct professor at Zarephath Bible Institute.

Dale R. Schulz (B) works as the clinical director of a child welfare and family service agency called Robins’ Nest in Glassboro, New Jersey, having finished his M.S.W. at Rutgers University in 1995.

Jason E. Skifstad (B) reports that he has run his own law firm for the past two years and has recently celebrated his eighth wedding anniversary. He plays music on the worship team at his local church.

Phil Skotte (B) is a U.S. diplomat in Hong Kong. He preaches at two local churches that are without pastors. He has two children, and another on the way.

Stephen J. Weber (B) is a Navy chaplain stationed at the chapel at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Louke van Wensveen (D) is an associate professor of theological ethics at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where she specializes in environmental ethics and virtue theory.

Rosalind Ziccardi (B) serves as an industrial chaplain with Marketplace Ministries, Inc. She reports that "bringing the love and hope of Christ to the workplace adds a dimension to ministry that is unique and wonderful!"

1988 Jean Hilton Goodwin (B) is now working part time as an interim associate executive of the Presbytery of East Tennessee in order to have time to go back to school in January. She plans to apply to Ph.D. programs in clinical psychology.

Gary Knerr (B) reports that he has moved and is now serving Marshallton United Methodist Church in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Laurie A. McNeill (B) is pastor of Glenwood Presbyterian Church in Glenwood Landing, New York.

Anne Marie Meyerhoffer (B) reports that she has completed her second term on the National Association of Presbyterian Clergywomen steering committee as the liaison to the national church. Also, after four years of being pastor of the Rome (Pennsylvania) Presbyterian Church, she reports that worship attendance has risen steadily and that new facilities are underway. She also writes, "This was the ninth year that PTS friends gathered at our Heart Lake, Pennsylvania, home. Those present were: John Seaman (’88B), Dann Caldwell (’88B, ’96M), David Welton (’87B), Ralph Mueller (’88B), Steve Kisslinger (’88B), and Jerry McKinney (’90B)."

André Resner Jr. (B, ’98D) is returning this fall to Princeton Seminary with his wife, Mary, who will be working toward an M.Div. degree. His book, Preacher and Cross: Person and Message in Theology and Rhetoric, was recently published by Eerdmans Publishing Company.

Lillian McCulloch Taylor (B) continues her post as book review editor for The Presbyterian Outlook. She also directed the 1999 Montreat Women’s Conference.

1989 Robert A. Boyar (B) is the pastor of Christ United Presbyterian Church in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Matthew Duska (b) reports that he is working as a history teacher at Franklin County Technical School. He and his wife are both active at St. Patrick’s Church in Northfield, Massachusetts, working with both the music ministry and youth.

Len Hedges-Goettl (B) received a doctorate in clinical psychology from the Institute of Clinical Psychology at Widener University on May 22. He is working as a therapist in Wayne, Pennsylvania. He and his wife, Barb (’91B), live in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, with their four children. She serves a small Philadelphia church.

Julie Hodges (B) writes, "After ten years away from the ordination process I have again become an inquirer in National Capital Presbytery. I just needed some ‘seasoning’!"

Seth Sykes (M) is now on staff as minister of evangelism at River Road United Methodist Church in Richmond, Virginia. His wife, Lisa (’90B), is in her fifth year as pastor of Christ United Methodist Church.

Michael O. Thomas (B) is presently completing Ph.D. studies with the Graduate Theological Foundation of Oxford University in theology and public policy.

Richard L. Young (B) received his D.Min. from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in May in pastoral care and counseling.

1990 Larry Bauerband (B) is moving, with his wife and their two children, to Kumba in Western Cameroon, where Bauerband will be teaching seminary and working with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of the Cameroon. He will be leaving his post at The First Presbyterian Church of Manasquan, New Jersey.

Dawn Silvius (B) is pastor at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Tekamah, Nebraska.

1991 Christopher C. Berg (B) is currently a manager for a Pittsburgh-based software company.

Cheryl Ann Elfond (B) has just received a D.Min. in spirituality and the suffering of God from Wesley Theological Seminary.

Allen C. Jergenson (B) is working with the Presbytery of Minnesota Valley as a coach and mentor for new church development and church redevelopment projects. Currently he serves on a task force to bring computer technology and the Internet to small churches.

John Martin (p) is now a critical care nurse working primarily in the recovery of open heart and vascular surgery patients in Jackson, Mississippi.

Anders P. Pederson (B) is now a chaplain working for a federal prison in Ray Brook, New York.

Kim Padfield Urbanik (B) is taking "Make a Joyful Noise" to new extremes: as associate pastor at the Community Church in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, she has organized a series of 24-hour dance marathons, raising money for various charities. Recently she worked with the youth group at her church to organize a dance marathon that raised more than $20,000 toward leukemia treatments for a member of the congregation.

1992 Albert Gillin (B) writes, "I have begun a new call as associate pastor for Christian education and family ministries at the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood as of June 1, 1999. This is after seven years at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Lubbock, Texas."

Douglas Hoffman (B) is the associate pastor at Reisterstown United Methodist Church in Reisterstown, Maryland.

Nyambura J. Njoroge (D), a minister in the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, has terminated her service with the World Alliance of Reformed Churches as head of a program to promote the partnership of women and men. As of the first of March, she has become the executive secretary of ecumenical theological education at the World Council of Churches in Geneva, where she will continue to be involved in redressing injustice done to women.

David G. Robertson (B, ’93M) is working as a research assistant at King’s College in London while writing his dissertation in ancient philosophy and patristics in the Philosophy Department there.

1993 Mark Douglas (B, ’94M) is joining the faculty of Columbia Theological Seminary as an instructor of Christian ethics. He is also currently a Ph.D candidate in religious ethics at the University of Virginia.

Eun Joo Kim (B, ’96M) writes, "Until the end of September 2000 I am working for the Census Bureau Census 2000 as a community partnership specialist."

Gary Sallquist (B) has published his first book, The Counsel of Many: Selecting Your Personal Advisors, with Dimensions for Living.

Timothy J. Sandoval (B) is a Ph.D. candidate in Old Testament at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Robert C. Spach (B) was recently elected to serve a two-year term as president of the Presbyterian College Chaplains Association. He is chaplain of Davidson College in North Carolina.

1994 Dusty Ellington (B), his wife, Sherri, and their 18-month-old son, Clayton, have moved to Durham, North Carolina, where Dusty will launch into the Ph.D. program in New Testament at Duke University. He leaves a post as associate pastor of youth and young adults at the First Presbyterian Church of Visalia, California.

Thomas Hickok (B) is now minister of outreach and evangelism for That All May Freely Serve, an organization that works with lesbians and gays and their families, friends and supporters. He will work in the Chicago area.

Yong Hoon Kang (B) has started a Korean-speaking young adult ministry at Young Nak Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles.

Stephanie Miller-McLane (B) is head of staff at St. Stephen Presbyterian Church in Chatsworth, California.

Jana Reiss (B) has been hired as the religion book review editor for Publishers Weekly magazine.

1995 Susan Alloway (B) is entering her third year as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Bloomsbury, New Jersey. She has begun a number of outreach and fellowship programs, including a Wednesday night neighborhood youth group, coffee houses, and pancake breakfasts.

Sara C. Batson (B) an ordained Episcopal priest, is the rector at Christ Episcopal Church in Media, Pennsylvania.

Rick Gardiner (B) has just published his first book, Never Before in History, with Haughton Publishing.

Sandra Hammett (B) has been assigned to Mission City United Methodist Church in Santa Clara, California.

Carolyn Herring (B, ’96M) is currently in the doctoral program in the Religious Studies Department at Southern Methodist University, studying religious ethics. Looking to combine her professional media background with her seminary training, she will concentrate in communications/media and ethics. While back in New Jersey last summer, she did some freelance photography for PTS.

Ruth Montano-Acosta (B) reports, "I am beginning my fourth year as associate pastor at the First Baptist Church of Alhambra in Alhambra, California. I was also recently elected vice president of the American Baptist Churches of the Pacific Southwest Region."

Rhonda M. Myers (B) reports that her husband, David P. Myers (’84B), has begun serving as pastor of The First Presbyterian Church of Passaic, New Jersey, while she continues to serve as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Wood Ridge.

James R. Wilken (B) was recently part of a mission work team to Honduras. Also, he is leading a summer mission team to the Adirondacks in New York State.

1996 Marina Kang (E) is Christian education director for elementary grades at Bethany United Methodist Church in Wayne, New Jersey.

Maria Stroup (B) is associate pastor for youth and their families at Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. She also has a new puppie, Olive, a three-and-a-half-pound terrier!

1997 Allyson J. Estes (B) is senior pastor at the First United Methodist Church in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Pamela Kling (b) reports, "I’m a writer living in Hollywood."

Mark H. MacLean (B) is associate pastor at Nassau Christian Center in Princeton, New Jersey.

Scott H. Searl (B) has been hired as director of development for Youth Leadership in Minneapolis. He describes it as "a youth ministry training group working with Luther and Bethel Seminaries."

Matthew Young (B) is an intern at the Church at the Center in Seattle, focused in college and career ministry.

1998 Bryan Bass-Riley (B) is associate pastor at the United Methodist Church of Red Bank, New Jersey. He is a deacon in the United Methodist Church and is seeking ordination as an elder. He is also married to Lori Bass-Riley, a PTS senior.

Natalie Williams Ford (B) is the new associate pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Gregory Bernard Jones (B) is an honors Ph.D. student at Union Theological Seminary in New York City. He is also the assistant pastor in charge of Christian education at Canaan Baptist Church of Christ.

David Russ McDermott (B) is in the Ph.D. program in intercultural studies at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky.

Lanneau Holton Siegling (B) is now the associate pastor for youth and their families at the First Presbyterian Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Jean Taylor (B) was ordained in September 1999. She is a chaplain at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia.

Kevin Taylor (B) is associate pastor and youth director at Farmville United Methodist Church and a part-time chaplain at Cypress Glen Retirement Community in Greenville, North Carolina.

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