June 5–7, 2011, ten recent graduates of Princeton’s Ph.D. program returned to campus for the Wabash Teaching Initiative Gathering. Representing a variety of scholarly expertise—from Biblical Studies to Preaching, History of Religions to Systematic Theology, Pastoral Theology to Ethics, History of Christianity to Religion and Society—they came to share their insights about the first years of teaching also in a variety of institutions—at colleges, seminaries and universities. Conversation topics included:

surprises and challenges of teaching

the proposed new Teaching Apprenticeship Program at PTS

strategies for “teaching to diversity”

During the coming academic year faculty participants in these conversations and written reports will serve as resources for the Ph.D. Studies Committee as the faculty begins to implement the Teaching Apprenticeship Program. There were also opportunities for informal exchange and renewal of friendships with President Iain Torrance, Dean James Kay, and all faculty members who happened to be in town.  

Alumnae/-i participants were:

Chad Mullet Bauman  of Butler University Dept. of Philosophy Religion

David John Downs of Fuller Theological Seminary

Deirdre King Hainsworth of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary 

Robert Paul Hoch of University of Dubuque Theological Seminary 

Theresa Frances Latini of Luther Seminary 

James Samuel Logan of the Religion Dept., Earlham College 

Amy Ellen Marga of Luther Seminary 

Jeremy David Schipper of the Temple University Religion Dept.  

Horace Ellington Six-Means of Hood Theological Seminary

Johnathan Lee Brian Walton of Harvard Divinity School 

Faculty and administrative participants from Princeton Theological Seminary were: Chip Dobbs- Allsopp, Heidi Gehman, Kathleen McVey and Gordon Mikoski. The Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning provided two consultants to help with planning and carrying out the gathering:  Joretta Marshall of Brite Divinity School and Paul Myhre of the Wabash Center.  

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