Deming, Jamie

Associate Professor of Modern European Church History
Department of History
Private Office
Phone: 609.497.0789
Fax: 609.497.7829
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James Deming, Princeton Theological Seminary’s associate professor of modern European church history, earned both his M.A. and his Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame. His interests are in the interaction of religion and society in modern Europe, and he is currently conducting research for a book-length history of soccer and religion in modern Europe. He teaches courses on the history of Christianity, Presbyterian history and theology, and women and religion in modern Europe. An elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA), he is also area editor of “Modern Europe” in Religious Studies Review.

Major Publications

Religion and Identity in Modern France: The Modernization of the Protestant Community in Languedoc, 1815–1848 (University Press of America, 1999)
“Martyrs for Modernity: The Three-Hundredth Anniversary Jubilee of the French Reformation and the Catholic/Protestant Debate on the Huguenot Martyrs,” in From Persecution to Pluralism: Religious Minorities and the Enforcement of Conformity in Western Europe since the Reformation, David Trim and Richard Bonney, eds. (Peter Lang, forthcoming) 
“Philip Schaff, Europe, and American Exceptionalism,” The Journal of Presbyterian History 84 (spring/summer 2006) 46–51