Placement Database

Our database contains all current field education placements. Sites enter and update their information, which is then approved by our advisors. Students can search the approved site list by different criteria to help in their placement search.

For Supervisors
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For Students
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Student Forms Course Documents*
FE Overview Request for Extension of Due Date 
Notification of Plans Learning/Serving Covenant
Application for Advanced Standing Mid-Year Appraisal Form
New Site Request (students only) Final Appraisal Form
Supervisor Forms   CPE Learning/Serving Covenant
FE Program Information CPE Mid-Year Appraisal Form
Become a Site CPE Final Appraisal Form
  *Also on Blackboard


ACPE website (click here to go directly to the list of sites by area.)

CPSP website (click here to go directly to the site list.)