The Department of Practical Theology is one of four academic departments at PTS; the others are History, Theology, and Biblical Studies, all of which carry out the mission of PTS.

The Seminary’s mission is to prepare women and men to serve Jesus Christ in ministries marked by faith, integrity, scholarship, competence, compassion, and joy, equipping them for leadership worldwide in congregations and the larger church, in classrooms and the academy, and in the public arena.

A professional and graduate school of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the Seminary stands within the Reformed tradition, while embracing in its life and work a rich racial and ethnic diversity and the breadth of communions represented in the worldwide church. In response to God's sovereign claim over all creation, the Seminary seeks to engage Christian faith with intellectual, political, and economic life in pursuit of truth, justice, compassion, and peace.

To these ends, the Seminary provides a residential community of worship and learning. In this community habits of discipleship are so nourished that members of the community may learn to proclaim with conviction, courage, wisdom, and love the good news that Jesus Christ is Lord.

In order better to serve the seminary and our students, the Practical Theology department is divided into three areas: Education and Formation; Pastoral Care and Specialized Ministries; and Preaching, Worship and Speech Communication. The department is served by 6 professors, 5 associate professors, and 1 assistant in speech, as well as the director of music and the academic coordinator of field education who have appointments as administrative faculty.