The History and Ecumenics Department at Princeton Theological Seminary is among the strongest in the world. With eleven full-time faculty it is one of the largest and most distinguished of any free-standing seminary. Its members have expertise in early and medieval Christianity, the Reformation, modern Europe and America, the history of mission, and Christianity in the non-Western world. Students are trained in a broad array of methodologies, including social, cultural and literary approaches to history, the history of doctrine, historical theology, and the sociology of religion. With one of the leading theological libraries in the world, a close relationship with Princeton University, and same-day access to major archives, libraries and research centers from Washington D.C. to Boston, PTS offers research and study opportunities difficult to match. The doctoral degree from Princeton Theological Seminary assures that graduates have the expertise to become leaders in their field, and are able to teach knowledgeably about the history of Christianity and non-Christian religions in a broad array of topics and eras