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gordon_graham_updated Henry Luce III Professor of Philosophy and the Arts

Curriculum Vitae





Princeton Theological Seminary

Henry Luce III Professor of Philosophy and the Arts since Jan 2006

Director, Princeton Center for the Study of Scottish Philosophy 2006-

Founding Editor, Journal of Scottish Philosophy (Edinburgh UP), 2004-

Commissioning Editor, Library of Scottish Philosophy (10 volumes to date) 2004-

Chair, Kuyper Center for Theology and Public Life 2007-9

Founding Editor, Kuyper Center Review (Wm Eerdmans) 2008-

University of Aberdeen

Regius Professor of Moral Philosophy 1995-2005,

Director, Center for Philosophy, Technology and Society, Aberdeen 1996-2001

University of St Andrews

Reader in Moral Philosophy 1987-95

Lecturer in Moral Philosophy1975-86,

Director, University Music Center, 1990-95

Founding Director, Center for Philosophy and Public Affairs, St Andrews 1984-8



Chair, Society of Applied Philosophy (UK), 2002-6

Hon Secretary, Scots Philosophical Club 1991-2001

Executive Editor, The Philosophical Quarterly, 1980-85

Special Lectureships

Thomas Howell Memorial Lecturer, Rhode Island College, 2008

Stanton Lecturer in Philosophy of Religion, University of Cambridge, 2005    

Agnes Cuming Lecturer, University College Dublin, 2005

Bishop Butler Lecturer, King's College London, 2002

Jellema Lecturer, Calvin College, Michigan, 1998

Sheffer Visiting Professor of Religion, Colorado College, 1990



            Associate Priest, St David's Episcopal Church Cranbury NJ, 2009-2013

            Associate Priest, All Saints Episcopal Church, Princeton, 2013-

            Cathedral Chapter, Trinity Cathedral Trenton NJ, 2013-

            Assisting Priest (summertime) St Vincent's Episcopal Chapel Edinburgh 2007-

Licensed Priest, Diocese of New Jersey, 2006-

Ordained Priest, Scottish Episcopal Church, June 2006

Ordained Deacon, Scottish Episcopal Church, Sept 2005




PhD    (Dissertation: "On the nature of ideological argument")

University of Durham (1975)

M.A. in Politics,

University of Durham (1973)

M.A. (Hons) in Logic and Metaphysics and Moral Philosophy,

University of St. Andrews (1972)  



Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, elected 1999

James McGlashan Scott Prize for Moral Philosophy, University of St Andrews, 1972   

Class Medal for Logic and Metaphysics, University of St Andrews, 1972



Research Monographs

Wittgenstein and natural Religion In preparation

Universities: the recovery of an idea 2nd revised edition Exeter: Imprint Academic, 2009. 1st edition 2002, (Societas 1)

The Re-Enchantment of the World: Art versus Religion. Oxford University Press, 2007, paperback 2010

The Institution of Intellectual Values Exeter: Imprint Academic, 2005.

The Case Against the Democratic State Exeter: Imprint Academic, 2002 (Societas 3)

Genes: a philosophical inquiry London: Routledge 2002. Translations: Portuguese (2005)

Evil and Christian Ethics Cambridge University Press, 2001 (New Studies in Christian Ethics 20)

The Internet: a philosophical inquiryLondon: Routledge 1999, reprinted 2000, 2001, 2002, Translations: Dutch (2001); Spanish (2001); Greek (2002); Korean (2003)

The Shape of the Past: a philosophical approach to history, Oxford University Press, 1997

The Idea of Christian Charity: a Critique of Some Contemporary Conceptions, Notre Dame Library of Religious Philosophy, Notre Dame University Press, 1990

Politics in its Place: a study of six ideologies, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1986

Historical Explanation Reconsidered, Scots Philosophical Monographs No.4 Aberdeen: University Press, 1983


College Texts

Theories of Ethics, New York: Routledge 2010. (A major revision (with classic readings added) of Eight Theories of Ethics first published by Routledge in 2004)

Ethics and International Relations 2nd revised edition, Malden MA and Oxford: Blackwell 2008 1st edition 1997, reprinted 1998

Philosophy of the Arts 3rd revised edition, London and New York: Routledge, 2004 1st edition 1997, 2nd  edition 2001 Translations: Portuguese (2001); Hungarian (2000); Serbian (2000) Russian (2001); Persian (2002)

Living the Good Life: an introduction to moral philosophy, New York: Paragon Press 1990, reprinted 1991, 1994

Contemporary Social Philosophy, Oxford: Blackwell 1988, reprinted 1990, 1991, 1994 Translation: Italian (1991); Chinese (1995)


Edited Books

Scottish Philosophy after the Enlightenment

A History of Scottish Philosophy Volume II, Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2014

 + author of

Chapter 1       Scottish Philosophy after the Enlightenment

Chapter 3       A re-examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy

Chapter 8       Scottish Philosophy Abroad

Chapter 12     The Integrity of Scottish Philosophy and the Idea of a National Tradition

Calvinism and CultureKuyper Center Review Volume 3, Grand Rapids: Wm B Eerdmans, 2013

Politics, Religion and Sphere SovereigntyKuyper Center Review Volume 1, Grand Rapids: Wm B Eerdmans, 2010

Scottish Philosophy: Selected Writings 1690-1960, Exeter: Imprint Academic, 2004

With Strings and Pipe: new essays in church music, St Andrews: University Music Centre, 1994


Articles in refereed Journals  

'Aesthetics as a Normative Science', Philosophy, Supplementary Volume (forthcoming)

'The Theological and the Political: a philosophical critique', Scottish Journal of Theology (forthcoming)

'Adam Smith and Christian Virtue', The Art of Theory (2011)

 'Bavinck's Philosophy of Revelation', Calvin Theological Journal 45 (2010)

'The Ambition of Scottish Philosophy', The Monist 90 (2007)

 'Liturgy as Drama', Theology Today 63 (2007)

'Can there be public architecture?', Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 66 (2006)

'The Theology of Music in Church', Scottish Journal of Theology 57 (2004)

'The Decline of Common Sense and the Rise of Scottish Idealism', Revista Neo Scholastica (2003)       

'Pluralism: Self-Image or Social Reality' Bijdragen: international journal in philosophy and theology, 64 (2003)

'Music and Autism', Journal of Aesthetic Education 35 (2001)

'The Moral Vision of Cloud Howe', Aberdeen Univ. Review 59 (2001)

'Morality and Feeling in the Scottish Enlightenment', Philosophy 76 (2001)

'Biblical Hope and Moral Endeavour', Evangelical Quarterly (2000)

'Women in Music', British Journal of Aesthetics, 40 (2000)

'The Scottish Tradition in Philosophy', Aberdeen University Review, 72 (1999)

'Political theory and Political Practice', Journal of Applied Philosophy 16 (1999)

'Lukacs and Realism after Marx', British Journal of Aesthetics 38 (1998)

'Theology and Aesthetics in Church Music', Anglican Arts 1 (1998)

'The Marxist Theory of Art', British Journal of Aesthetics 37 (1997)

'Secularized Religion and Spiritualized Morality', Ratio (NS) 9 (1996)

'Aesthetic Cognitivism and the Literary Arts', Journal of Aesthetic Education 30 (1996)

'Learning from Art', British Journal of Aesthetics 35 (1995)

'The Value of Music', Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 53 (1995)

'Value and the Visual Arts', Journal of Aesthetic Education 28 (1994)

'Art, Pleasure and Play', Journal of Value Inquiry 28 (1994)

'Liberal vs Radical Feminism Reconsidered', Journal of Applied Philosophy 11 (1994)

'Toleration in Politics', Synthesis Philosophica 9 (1994)

'The Rights of Ethnic Groups', Social Philosophy Today 8 (1993)

'Politics and Religion', Journal of Social Philosophy 24, (1993)

'Liberalism : metaphysical, political, historical', Philosophical Papers 22 ( 1993)

'The Moral Basis of Democracy', International Journal of Social and Moral Studies 7 (1992)

'Populism, Self-determination and Democracy', Contemporary Philosophy 13, (1992)

(with E Graham)'The 'Crisis' of Population Growth' International Journal of Social and Moral Studies 8 (1992)

'Liberalism and Democracy', Journal of Applied Philosophy 9 (1992)

'Religion, Secularization and Modernity', Philosophy 67 (1992)

'Drugs, Freedom and Harm', Cogito 6 (1992)

'Politics and Culture: The Arts in a Free Society', History of European Ideas 13 (1991)

'Art and Architecture', British Journal of Aesthetics 29 (1989)      

'Our Conception of Hell and the Goodness of God', New Blackfriars 69 (1988)

'Two Types of Feminism', American Philosophical Quarterly 25 (1988)

'The Justice of Intervention', Review of International Studies 13 (1987)

'The Doctor, the Rich and the Indigent', Journal of Medicine and Philosophy (1987) 

'The Use and Value of Higher Education', Higher Education Review 18 (1986)

'Progress', Philosophy 61 (1986)

'Justice, Charity and the Third World', Modern Theology 4 (1986)

'Terrorists and Freedom Fighters', Philosophy and Social Action 11 (1985)        

 'Mystery and Mumbo-jumbo', Philosophical Investigations 7 (1984)

'What is special about democracy?', Mind 91 (1983)

'Art as a Vehicle for Religious Truth', British Journal of Aesthetics 23 (1983)

'Religion and Politics', Philosophy 58 (1983)

'Can there be history of philosophy?', History and Theory 21 (1982)

'Art and Politics', British Journal of Aesthetics 18 (1978)

'Practical Politics and Philosophical Inquiry', The Philosophical Quarterly 28 (1978)


Essays in Edited Collections

'The University: three models', in Leadership and Cooperation in Academia, ed Roger Sugden, James R Wilson and Marcela Valania, (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2013)

'Altruism, Egoism and Sacrifice', in The Wisdom of the Christian Faith, ed. Paul Moser & Michael McFall, (Cambridge University Press, 2012) pp 138-55

'Scruton on Architecture', in Scruton's Aesthetics ed. A Hamilton & N Zangwill, (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012) pp 164-76

'Enchantment and Transcendence: David Brown on Art and Architecture' in Theology, Aesthetics, and Culture: Responses to the Work of David Brown, ed. Robert MacSwain & Taylor Worley (Oxford University Press, 2012) pp 91-102

'Public Opinion and the Public Sphere' in Beyond Habermas: Democracy, Knowledge, and the Public Sphere ed. Christian J. Emden & David Midgley (Berghahn Books, 2012) pp 29-41

'The Christian Philosopher', in The Long Shadow of Emile Cailliet, ed Bartollas and Evans (Pickwick Publications, 2011) pp 121-38

'Political Philosophy and the Dead Hand of History' in History and Political

Philosophy: On the Political and Ethical Significance of the Past ed. Jonathan Floyd and Marc Stears (Cambridge University Press, 2011)

'The Sacred Beauty of Nature' in Turning Images; A New Book Of Nature ed Charles Taliferro, (Oxford University Press, 2010)

'Kuyper and Contemporary Political Philosophy', Kuyper Center Review 1 (Grand Rapids, Wm B Eerdmans, 2010)

'The Significance of Reid's Practical Ethics' in Reid on Ethics ed Sabine Roeser(London, Palgrave Macmillan, 2010)

'Theology and Religion' in Philosophers and God ed. Michael McGhee (London and New York, Continuum, 2009)

'Music and Electro-sonic Art', in Philosophers on Music ed. Kathleen Stock (Oxford University Press, 2007)

'Human Nature and the Human Condition' in Future perfect? God, Medicine and Human Identity ed Celia Deane-Drummond and Peter Scott, (London and New York, T&T Clark, 2006)

'Fakes and Readymades', in Contemporary Debates in Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Arts ed. M. Kieran (Oxford and Malden MA, Blackwell, 2005)

'MacIntyre on the Writing and Use of the History of Philosophy' Contemporary Philosophy in Focus ed. Mark C Murphy (Cambridge University Press, 2003)

'Spiritual Values and the Knowledge Economy' in Breaking New Ground (Edinburgh, Mainstream, 2001)

'Politics, Religion and National Identity' in Philosophy and Public Affairs ed. J. Haldane, (Cambridge University Press, 2000)

'Sex and Violence in Fact and Fiction' in Media Ethics ed. M Kieron (London, Routledge, 1998)

'The Moral Import of Fiction' in Interfaces ed. J. Friggieri (Malta UP, 1997)

'Toleration and the Idea of Progress' in Philosophy, Religion and the Question of Intolerance M. Razavi and D Ambuel (eds), (SUNY Press, 1997)

'Toleration, Relativism, Pluralism' in Toleration: an elusive virtue ed. David Heyd (Princeton UP, 1996)

'MacIntyre's Fusion of History and Philosophy' in After MacIntyre ed. John Horton and Susan Mendus (Oxford, Polity Press, 1994)

'Suicide and Voluntary Euthanasia' in Divergent Perspectives on Suicidal Behaviour ed. Michael J Kelleher (University of Cork Press, 1994)

'Criminalization and Control' in Policing and Prescribing: the British System of Drug Control ed. P T Bean and D K Whynes (London: Macmillan, 1991)

'Beyond Ideology: is purely pragmatic politics possible? in The Structure of Modern Ideology ed. N O'Sullivan (Hampshire: Edward Elgar,1989)

'Commitment and the Value of Marriage' in Person to Person edd. George Graham and Hugh Lafollette (Philadelphia, Temple University Press, 1989)

 'Ideology and the Sociological Understanding' in The Form of Ideology ed. D J Manning (London, Allen and Unwin, 1980)

Articles in Encyclopedias and Handbooks

'Adam Smith and Religion', Princeton Companion to Adam Smith ed. Ryan Hanley (forthcoming Princeton University Press, 2014)

'William Hamilton and Scottish Common Sense', Oxford Handbook of Nineteenth Century British Philosophy ed Willam Mander (forthcoming Oxford University Press, 2014)

'Expressivism: Collingwood and Croce', Routledge Companion to Aesthetics 3rd edition ed  Berys Gaut and Dominic McIver Lopes, (London Routledge, 2013) pp 106-15

'Art and Religion', Routledge Companion to Aesthetics 3rd edition ed  Berys Gaut and Dominic McIver Lopes, (London Routledge 2013) pp 509-18

'Nature' in The Oxford Handbook of Theology and Modern Thought, ed Pattison, Adams and Ward, (Oxford University Press, 2013) pp 399-417

 'Atonement', Cambridge Companion to Christian Philosophical Theology, ed Taliaferro and Meister ( Cambridge University Press, 2009)

'Sin and Salvation', Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Religion (2007)

'Philosophy', Oxford Handbook of Systematic Theology (2007)

'The Value of Art', Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2nd edition. (2006)

'The Nineteenth Century Aftermath', Cambridge Companion to the Scottish Enlightenment ed A Broadie (2003)

'Architecture', Oxford Handbook of Aesthetics (2003)

'Nineteenth Century Scottish Philosophy', Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy (2002)'

'Philosophy of History', Routledge Encyclopaedia of Philosophy (London, 1998)


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